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The essence of the food

Ancient walls and minimal tablecloths,
the oldest oil press in the village
and a contemporary design that does not come into conflict but supports.
The Antico Torchio is a place of alchemies,
excellent cuisine and close relationship with the territory that hosts it.

Vito Pastore, the chef

Vito Pastore, from Puglia, born in 1983 in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari).
Self-taught, ranks between Puglia and Abruzzo, then the debut in patisserie under the guidance of
Emanuele Saracino and the subsequent landing in the kitchen and a highly personal cuisine made of
rigor and frantic study, above all, ideas and technique, of impetus and torment.
The "new name" of the cuisine in Abruzzo is his.
The idea of catering is direct, never falsely pleased or brazenly pimp – he is not the type – but
pragmatic, essential, greedy.
Perhaps of "liberation" and away from the tumult; definitely amazing for cleaning and subtraction.
Net of frills that are not useful to the dish and functional to its flavor: the mantra is that "everything
must make sense". (translated from A. D’Aloja, Identità Golose)

Innovation and Tradition

The emotion of memories coexists with the innovation of new techniques to create balanced taste synesthesia.

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