The Castle

Come and live a fairy tale

The charm of History meets the magic of the landscape.

The magic and splendor of over a thousand year of history welcome you in the extraordinary setting of Castello Chiola: a prestigious residence located on one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Abruzzo, Loreto Aprutino, a medieval manor restructured that stands there proud and impressive on the top of the hill and it houses works of art of the Abruzzo masters in unique and sumptuous surroundings

Inside, suites and precious rooms, banquet halls and banquet rooms, a court the real soul of the Castle, ideal setting for meetings, art installations, exclusive presentations and parties, and Antico Torchio, restaurant à la carte, where delicious gourmet dishes are served. The outdoor swimming pool overlooks a natural setting that leaves you breathless. Stay at the Castello Chiola means to live a multisensory experience, enjoy the sight thanks to the natural and artistic beauties that are the heritage of the area where it stands.


The ancient castle, as watchtower of the Lombards and outpost of Frederick II, it becomes home for noble families since the thirteenth century, and it will remain so through the D'Aquino, Gamba, Casamarte, the D'Avalos and, from 1870 to the present day, to the Chiola family.


Lavishly restored with the initiative of the Superintendency of Fine Arts and the European Community, in the mid-90s, it is now proposed as a hotel and conference facility of high level while maintaining intact its charm, its mystery and its architectural features.


One legend says that in Loreto Aprutino St. Thomas D’Aquino has stopped, returning from the Crusades and that staying in the Castle, the little Thomas has made the “miracle of the roses”. From what it is said, Thomas was used to fill his apron with bread taken from the house canteen, hiding from all, to bring it to poor people. The domestic noticing what was going on, he told everything to St. Thomas’ father. The latter then began to follow him and one day he stopped his son, asked him where he was going and what he was bringing in his apron and he very naturally replied that he was carrying roses and flowers and to prove that he was telling the truth, he widened the apron and indeed roses felt in the ground.

Castello Areas

The different areas of the castle include: THE BALLROOM a banquet room for 200 people, THE COURT hosting the Wine Bar ideal for aperitifs, parties and events; THE RESTAURANT "L’ANTICO TORCHIO" Open for Lunch and Dinner. CHIOLA’S ROOM, ancient theater of the house will welcome you for breakfast. Next to the reception there is at your disposal also the BILIARDO ROOM. OUTDOOR there is a POOL and also 2 terraces MAJELLA, ground floor available for ceremonies and events, and GRAN SASSO TERRACE on the 2nd floor with views of Mount Gran Sasso and The Sleeping Beauty.